Whitley County Health Department Vaccine Campaign

Football season was upon us and the Whitley County Health Department reached out for a video promoting vaccines. Some games, school, and community events had already been canceled for local breakouts and so they wanted a video promoting their free vaccines to the public! They wanted it to be playful and include community members so the idea was born! 

Whitley County high school football team and cheerleading team, Williamsburg independent schools varsity football and cheerleading teams, and the University of the Cumberland Cheer and Dance teams all came together to meet at The James H. Taylor, II Stadium to participate in this electric and fun video.

Williamsburg, home of the University of the Cumberlands, was hit hard at the time by a breakout of COVID-19. Because of this breakout, the Health Department wanted a lighthearted way to promote vaccinations within the community. The premise was local high schools coming together to cheer on a mascot getting the vaccine to promote the vaccines in their own community. There were free vaccines offered to all participating students on location.

The client was pleased with the results of the video and we were happy to help!


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