Reimagines // Ideas Brought to Life

Elizabeth Schroer, an entrepreneur local to Somerset Kentucky, reached out to us for some fresh new content for her website! She owns and operates Reimagines, a business she started where you can get custom, personalized decals for your classroom, home, and office. She needed an overall brand video (shown above) and a collection of how-to videos to send along with her products to the client. 

We packed up our gear and headed west for the shoot! Elizabeth was amazing. This woman is a book of knowledge on custom and personalized decals. We got to visit a while, check out all of her very high-tech machinery, learn a little about her processes and how it’s all done, and even got to meet her adorable 1-year-old son! 

In editing, we wanted this piece to be clean, fresh, and professional! (Not unlike Elizabeth herself!) We opted for minimal music and bright and airy color grading so as to not distract from the story being told! 

Thank you, Elizabeth! Not only did we have an awesome time putting these videos together for you but you’re a true inspiration to any small town local looking to make an entrepreneurial name for themselves.


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