Welcome to Corbin // 2021 SOAR Summit

Our city was so excited about the announcement that the 2021 SOAR Summit was going to be held in Corbin, Ky! Our Mayor and Tourism Director were both hard at work getting the city ready much like a mother preparing the home for company! “Corbin loves company!” exclaims Razmus, in this welcome video we created to be played at the event. 

The city needed a fun way to introduce some of our downtown tourism opportunities for the expected 5000 visitors coming for the SORA Summit. This was a fun full-day shoot. We got to run around our own hometown and visit some of our favorite local spots such as Ever Aston, a local boutique. As well as Austin City Saloon and Tomahawks! We edited these pieces together and added in some lighthearted music to complete the fun welcoming feel. 

We are so proud to be based out of Corbin, KY, and love any opportunity we get to show off our quaint town!



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