Bircus Brewing Company // KSBDC Pacesetter Awards

The Kentucky Small Business Development Center gives out an award to recognize high-performing traditional and start-up small businesses that are producing innovative products, increasing sales, creating jobs, and serving communities of the Commonwealth. These awards are called Pacesetters. Paul Miller, owner and operator of Bircus Brewing Company, was one of the 13 award winners in 2021.

Paul was no ordinary business owner. Paul was exceptionally fun, personable, entertaining, and electric! He lives an extraordinary life full of travel, fun, and entrepreneurship. We discovered that he was a clown with the Ringling Brothers Circus “in the 1900’s” as he likes to say. From his travels as a circus clown, he met his business partner in Ghent Belgium and they started Bircus brewing company, a brewery in an old theater building that acts as the host to many circus-themed acts! 

We headed to Ludlow, a town in Northern Kentucky that despite being a stone’s throw from downtown Cincinnati, has a quaint feel to it. Upon arrival, people were lined up at the door! Paul had an incredible relationship with the community and it seemed everyone loved him and what he had done for Ludlow! We were amazed at the atmosphere of the place. Packed to the brim with locals, roaring with live music, and to top it all off there was a rope dancer. All of these pieces combined with Paul’s energetic interview made the video pop off the screen. We will definitely be back and encourage all of you to go visit this wonderful and whimsical place.


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