Ashland Kentucky // SOAR Mini Summit 2022

Interviewing Ashland Mayor Matt Perkins.

When Josh Ball, Chief Operations Officer of SOAR, came to us for this Ashland video project we were beyond excited to get started! This video would exist to highlight Ashland in a new light since their rebrand. As one of the most historically rich, creative, and beautiful cities in our state, the video speaks for itself! The whole slogan was, “Come create with us!” By the end of the video, I was ready to do just that!  

We got in touch with Brandy Clark over the phone and she gave us the scoop! We needed to plan a great day for a full day shoot in the next 2 weeks! We picked a date, showed up, and got to interview some awesome locals such as Mayor Matt Perkins and City Manager Mike Graese. We also got to speak with Michelle Grubb, Public Information Officer of Ashland Kentucky who gave us some direct insight into their whole rebrand and acted as our tour guide during the day-long shoot! 

Interviewing Ashland City Manager Mike Graese.

While editing, we knew we wanted to portray the creative and lively vibe of this city! We needed to find a soundtrack, a layout, and a storyline. All in all, we are very happy with the edit and it was a hit when shown at the first-ever SOAR Mini Summit 2022 in Ashland Ky!


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